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The tools below allow you to assess your cultural knowledge, your personal values, and your organisational culture.

Are you ready to successfully innovate in emerging economies?



Generic tools
Irrespective of your target country, the three tools below will help you assess your cultural knowledge, your values and your organisational culture. You can take the tools in any order you like.


Test your knowledge of culture, learn about the impact of culture and get tips on what competence areas to improve

20 questions
5 minutes


Understand your own values in order to understand others. Get a report on 6 personality traits.

19 questions
<10 minutes


What is your organisational culture? How does it support your internationalisation and innovation activities?
22 questions
<10 minutes
Culture zone quizzes
How do people from different geographic regions tend to behave differently compared to Western Europe? Each quiz consists of 15 True/False questions.

Arab World and Middle East - Quiz

Do people value work more than free time? Take this short quiz and learn more about this region (Egypt, Iran, Qatar, United Arab Emirates).

15 questions
5 minutes

China - Quiz

Are many Chinese obsessed with status symbols? Do they observe traffic rules more than European? Test and improve your knowledge on China.

15 questions
5 minutes

Latin America - Quiz

Do Latin Americans appreciate punctuality less than Europeans? Take this quiz and learn more on this region (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru).

15 questions
5 minutes

Southeast Asia - Quiz
Do students from this region have better results than European ones? Learn more about this region (Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand).
15 questions
5 minutes

Sub-Saharan Africa - Quiz
Do people from Sub-Saharan Africa value punctuality? Are women integrated to work life? Test and improve your knowledge of culture in Sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria, Kenya).

15 questions
5 minutes