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How to win a business assignment in Kenya

by: Okey Okere, Managing Director of Hofstede Insights Nigeria

Why should I read this document? 


This document aims to give specific details on how to conduct business in Kenya and provide a few pointers on succeeding at winning business in the country. It also highlights some aspects of the Kenyan culture that one could leverage in winning business deals or opportunities.




Doing Business in Iran

by: Amer Bitar, Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights

This document will provide you with historical and cultural insights of Iran as a country and how it has shaped some of the aspects of doing business in Iran. The goal is to aid the reader in understanding how to effectively interact with Iranians in both business and leisure context.

Find, Attract and Retain employees and partners in India

by: Divya Susan Varkey, Associate partner of Hofstede Insights
The document gives pointers about finding the right employees and partners for your business, what their motivators are, what the ideal management style is and how to establish and maintain a relationship with the team.
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