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Doing Business in Iran

by: Amer Bitar, Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights

This document will provide you with historical and cultural insights of Iran as a country and how it has shaped some of the aspects of doing business in Iran. The goal is to aid the reader in understanding how to effectively interact with Iranians in both business and leisure context.

About Tanzania

by: Susan Wachira-Nyika, Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights

In this profile, our experts have compiled the most important information for you to start doing business in Tanzania. The country profiles are meant as general introduction and are linked to other documents from the platform that go much more into the details of each culture.

Expanding to South Korea: Explore the Dynamic and Innovative Culture

Tuesday July 6, 2021 - 11:00 to 12:00 CEST

In this webinar about South Korea, organised in collaboration with the Global Cosmetics Cluster-Europe, we focus on understanding the Korean market and the importance of adapting the business models to it.


Alex is an executive coach and organizational development consultant who focuses primarily on global leadership development, executive team development, culture change, intercultural management, emotional intelligence, and other subjects related to organizational effectiveness. She uses a wide range of modalities in her leadership development work, including her recent interest in neuroscience.

Consulting, coaching, and facilitating since 2004, she has worked with C-suite/senior-level executives across a wide range of sectors including consumer products, luxury, hospitality, financial services, pharmaceuticals, and IT. 

Alex is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a Korean Facilitators Association Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF). She holds both a PhD and an MA in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University and an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management. She also has MA and BA in English Literature from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul. She has lived and worked in the US and China, and is now based in Seoul, Korea. 


Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer at MartiDerm Group. After graduating from French Business School, he worked in different countries, over 20 years in the FMCG industry on iconic brands such as Heinz or Schweppes. He joined the cosmetic industry in 2019 to contribute to MartiDerm’s growth in its domestic and international markets. 

MartiDerm Group: Dermocosmetic laboratory originating from a pharmacy in Barcelona specialized in Master Formulas. The pharmacist Martí Tor was a pioneer in developing in 1989 the formula of Proteoglycans with Vitamin C packaged in a topaz glass ampoule to preserve its active ingredients. In reality, he had just developed a new category in the antiaging market. The 2nd generation of the family then created the MartiDerm laboratory in 1997. Currently, MartiDerm La Fórmula is the leader of anti-aging facial dermocosmetics in pharmacies in Spain and is present in over 30 countries.


Global Cosmetic Cluster- Europe

The European cosmetics industry is represented by a European cosmetics clusters, Global Cosmetics Cluster-Europe, based on a common strategy to boost the internationalization of SMEs in the cosmetic industry. Focused on priorities such as supporting competitiveness through globalization, fostering the European cosmetics expertise, and enhancing the European cluster collaboration, the European metacluster provides an accelerator program towards target countries (India, Mexico, South Korea, UAE, USA). The acceleration program has been set up in the framework of a ESCP4i project co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union.

6 project partners involved: Cosmetic Valley (France), AEBB (Portugal), Beauty Cluster (Spain), IKMIB - Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association (Turkey), Polo della Cosmesi (Italy) and Transylvania Lifestyle Cluster (Romania).

E-Learning India

by: Nadir Karanjia, Divya Susan Varkey

In this e-learning, you will learn from your hosts Divya and Nadir will teach you the "why" behind some of the most frequently encountered issues and give you tips and tricks for a successful venture in India.

How cultural knowledge will help you succeed in emerging markets

Tuesday December 12, 2017 - 14:00 CET
This webinar, the first one in a series of monthly webinars, explains what culture is and why it is important to know about culture when going to emerging markets.
This webinar will also explain how to best make use of this portal.

Egbert Schram, CEO of Hofstede Insights

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