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Doing business with the Russians

Have you been considering investing in a Russian business or pursuing a partnership with a Russian firm? This webinar will provide you with an overview of Russian cultural values and will explain how they apply specifically to business interactions. Practical advice will also be given on making contact with potential partners, setting and conducting meetings, negotiating deals and winning sales. The presenters, Pia Kahara and Lisa DeWaard, have over 50 years combined experience with Russian culture, the Russian language, and business practices.


Is your organisation ready to go international?

In this webinar, Piotr A. Gryko, Senior Associate Partner at Hofstede Insights, will ask the question, "Is your organisation ready to go international?" Piotr will cover topics such as:
Organizational Culture
What is it?
Why should it matter for SME’s?
What is essential when going international inside the organisation?
Tools available


The webinar just ended, thank you to all that have joined. Remember that you can ask questions to Piotr on the Forum. 


Library content

Customer needs and behaviour in India

With 1.3 bn people whose affluence is growing exponentially, India is an attractive market for consumer goods and services providers the world over. Who is the quintessential Indian consumer and what does he expect when he spends money? What cultural peculiarities does one keep in mind while targeting the Indian consumer? 
Library content

Customer needs and behaviour in Russia

Russia is a country which has encountered several ups and downs in its economy since its independence in 1991. It has been a hard journey for people from socialism to a market economy. At the same time, it has opened a big new market for foreign businesses, and especially in the 1990s many foreign companies earned good money in the country which lacked practically all branded consumer products that existed in the global market.

Doing Business in Nigeria and the African Continent

Are you interested in learning more about doing business in Nigeria or elsewhere in the African continent?

This webinar provides you with an overview of the culture and the business practices in Nigeria, and advice on how those may differ from other parts of the African continent.