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About Turkey

Geert Hofstede’s analysis for Turkey shows a culture profile that is typical for the Eastern Mediterranean. Next to that, Turkey’s language and history have created a specific cultural set, in spite of the size of its population and its vast area.
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Attract, retain and find employees and partners in Russia

It is not easy to find employees and partners when going to a foreign country or working in a foreign environment by rules that you are not familiar with. As a relatively young market economy, Russia, with its diverse cities and regions, is not one of the easiest markets to operate in. Read the most important things in partner and employee work in Russia to avoid costly mistakes.
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Building trust and relationships in India

Trust and relationships often have different meanings in different cultures and for Europeans doing business in India, this difference in meanings may be more pronounced than otherwise. This document, written by an Indian interculturalist living in India, gives useful guidelines on how to approach trust and relationships in the subcontinent.
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Building trust and relationships in Russia

Trust is the basis of all relationships. You need to trust the people you do business with. You can take, for example, David Meister’s trust equation which is a simplified formula for the trust components: credibility, reliability and proximity (divided by self orientation, the feeling of how much you pursue your own benefit only). What makes it more complex is that the components consist of different things in different cultures.
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How to win a business assignment in Russia

The goal of this document is to give some specific details on how business is conducted in Russia, and give a few pointers on how to do it and win. What should be highlighted and some aspects of Russian culture that might help you win.