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How to effectively manage a multicultural workforce


How to increase effectiveness in cross-cultural environments

Nonverbal communication is key for building trust and cooperation. The goal of our webinar is to create greater awareness of your own body language, to uncover sabotaging patterns in your nonverbal communication and how to communicate more authentically. The webinar will provide you with guidelines on how to distinguish  cultural specific cues, how to react on them, and how to create greater trust and cooperation with your peers.


How to manage across cultures: Cultural Intelligence as the key to success

This webinar explores Cultural Intelligence as a critical mindset and skillset for managing across cultures.  We will discuss how to master three aspects of being a culturally intelligent global leader, which include: openness, curiosity, and knowledge.

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Meetings and behaviour in business context in India

As with most matters in this highly diverse and contrasting culture, knowing your place in the cultural mosaic that is India is crucial. The goal of this document is to give some specific details on how to behave in business context and in meetings in India, what to do and what to not do.


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South Korea Innovation Opportunities

Opportunities, challenges and tips for innovating in South Korea!