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Filter the documents by selecting your target country or topic of interest from the field above. Countries not listed are out of the scope of this project. If you'd like a country to be included in a future version, please use the forum to let us know.

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Colombia Innovation Opportunities

Opportunities, challenges and tips for innovating in Colombia!

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Countries included in the CUBE IN platform


In CUBEIN, you will find information and surveys for the following countries. 

The surveys cover larger zones which are represented in the darker colors on the map below. 


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Doing business in Kenya

Three most important things for doing business in Kenya (and many other African countries):
1. Respect the hierarchy; the high scores on Masculinity and on Power Distance imply that seniority has to be taken seriously and be respected. Proper status, use of titles is very important. Make sure you do business on the highest possible level.

Doing business in Malaysia and Indonesia

Have you been considering investing in an Indonesian and Malaysian business or pursuing a partnership with an Indonesian or Malaysian firm?

This webinar will provide you with an overview of Indonesian and Malaysian cultural values and will explain how they apply specifically to business interactions.

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Doing business in Nigeria

Three most important things for doing business in Nigeria, as in many African countries:
1. As a stranger, your gut feeling might fail to distinguish ‘right from wrong’ as the signals may be different. Besides, be aware that though it seems you are dealing with an individual you are always dealing with a group.