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Doing Business in Singapore

This document will give you insights into some aspects of doing business in Singapore. The goal is to understand how to effectively interact with Singaporeans in general and in a business context.

Innovation in Singapore

The Republic of Singapore, a city-state island off the coast of the Malay Peninsula, is one of ASEAN's fastest-growing nations. According to UNCTAD's World Investment Report 2021, Singapore is the world's fourth-largest beneficiary of FDI inflows, behind only the USA, China and Hong Kong. Learn more in our quiz!

Intellectual Property Rights and Business Internationalization in SEA

When targeting new geographies, business investments are highly conditioned by how clear and settled ownership environment and intellectual property protection rules are. How can businesses protect their value while expanding globally? This webinar gives some insights on:
  • Importance of Business Internationalization for European SMEs
  • Agreements and Initiatives for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Portugal, EU and Singapore
  • Snapshot of the current intellectual property practices in Southeast Asian Nations
  • Cultural aspects and their influence in market penetration in Southeast Asia
  • Testimonial of a Portuguese SME in Singapore


Knowledge on Singapore

Is Singapore more innovative than the United States of America? Is it illegal to chew gum in Singapore? Try out this quiz and learn more about Singaporean culture and business!
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Negotiation in Southeast Asia

This document will highlight some aspects of Southeast Asian culture and give a few pointers that will help you succesfully conduct negotiations in Southeast Asia.
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Attract, Retain, and Find Employees and Partners in Southeast Asia

Understanding people management in different cultural contexts is very important before going abroad. What motivates one culture can demotivate another, and thus managers need to understand the differences from country to country or they will not be able to attract and retain staff successfully.
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Consumer Needs and Behaviour in Southeast Asia

When companies decide to globalise their business, they need to research intrinsic motivators in each market segment. Assuming that consumers behave the same in different markets can lead to cultural blunders and can be disastrous for any business.
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How to win a business assignment in Southeast Asia

The goal of this document is to give some specific details on how business is conducted in South Asia and to give a few pointers on how to win business assignments in Southeast Asia.
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ICT in Singapore

This document provides insights into the digital capital of Asia, Singapore. The goal is to give the reader an overview of the ICT development and opportunities in Singapore's ICT sector.
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Meetings and Behaviour in Business Context in Southeast Asia

The goal of this document is to give some specific details on how to behave in business context and in meetings in Southeast Asia, what to do and what not to do.
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The business sector growth of Southeast Asian economies

This document is targeted at European SMEs and start-ups who provide innovative methods or ideas in specific sectors with business potential in ASEAN and who would like to enter the Southeast Asian market.
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The opportunity of ICT in the agri business sector in Southeast Asia

Why should I read this document? This document gives an overview of the ICT development in Southeast Asia, and describes the opportunity of ICT in the agri-business sector and the key practices of applying ICT in the agri-business in Southeast Asia.
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